堀川すなお Sunao Horikawa

クニモチユリ Yuri Kunimochi

Continue to take on new challenges, and express things that she sees with her own eyes from multiple perspectives

Kunimochi says that when she was a high school student, she happened to read a weekly magazine that contained an advertisement for Tetsuya Ishida's art book, and couldn't take her eyes off the paintings. When her parents bought her the art book and she read it, Kunimochi felt a sense of despair. She realized that "the emotions she was feeling at the time toward society was being expressed straightforwardly in the work, and that artists can leave this kind of impact in the word." She began her career as an artist because she wanted to be able to leave that type of effect herself.

What she values when working as an artist is "not to become too fixated with forms and methods that have been successful, but to try to create as many venues as possible." To take her art seriously and create them. The works she makes are planar, installations, and works that are not media-specific.


Kunimochi, who had been creating planar works, decided to study sculpture at graduate school. "Here, I was convinced that I would be able to think about what I wanted to do in my works in a complex way, through the genre of sculpture that I had never dealt with before." She grew up in Shizuoka and went to Tokyo for university. And graduate school moved her base to Kyoto. "I want to work as a sort of visitor, rather than staying in a certain location all the time." Instead of staying in a specific place, she prefers to move from one place to another.

She establishes her thoughts while participating in various art projects, thinking, "I'm interested not only in the production of works but also in the space. What kind of influence does the space have on the artist?" I think that print works are easy to mail, and they are an excellent medium for developing and distributing them. It is because people realized the convenience of such prints that the foundation for such fluid thinking was born.". "Ultimately, I would like to establish a method that allows me to easily create works and develop exhibitions as a set."

Kunimochi says that what she is currently paying attention to other than her activities as an artist is "curry." She says that people from various industries gathered online in 2020, to create a curry zine that everyone came up with together. "I found the state of looking at curry from multiple angles to be attractive as a piece of art." The conditions of curry being made and the atmosphere, are also challenges to the "space" that Kunimochi is thinking about. "I want to incorporate curry into my activities in the future," she says.

The "Trash images" exhibited this time is the newest of an ongoing series. "About a year ago, I dropped my smartphone. After a while, the cracked LCD screen became more and more buggy, and eventually the screen looked like the Milky Way. I saw the moment the particles of light on the screen disappeared." I was deeply moved at that moment, and one day I wanted to make this experience a piece of art. The feeling of swiping and tapping the screen when operating the smartphone felt like going I was going through the constellations.

"I wanted to completely change up the depth of my perspective when I see." Depending on the positional relationship between parts, things can appear a different shape, and you can begin to picture various shapes and things." I've been looking at the screen of my smartphone for the past year, and I made art with the concept of capturing the traces of tapping on my smartphone and my staring at the screen and making it a painting." By combining the white parts, it feels like the art bears a human-like physicality. They are interesting pieces where the expressions appear different depending on the time.

Despite being an artist, Kunimochi has multifaceted talents, participating in various initiatives regardless of art. For her future activities, we can only expect that she will rewrite existing concepts and create new mechanisms.


The concept video created by Alina Zhdanova

Yuri Kunimochi

1997 Born in Shizuoka
2020 B.A. Print major, Woodblock print course, Tama Art University
2020-present Department of Sculpture, Graduate School of Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts

Today, it is as natural for people to go online as it is for them to breathe, and it is becoming common for people to come into contact with far more information than they can comprehend on a daily basis. If we have any questions, we type a keyword in the search engine and become convinced with the answer displayed on the browser. I feel that these series of actions is a factor that contributes to our unconscious idea that there is an answer prepared for everything. By visualizing such a social situation through production and activities, I am trying to capture what outlook we, living in the current age, have toward the world.

2020 "LOOPEND" Kyoto Seika University Main Building Gallery 1st floor, Kyoto
   "Pocket on the road" Kyoto City University of Arts Gallery @KCUA, Kyoto
   "I thought it was a good day" VOICE GALLERY, Kyoto / Internet, Earth
   "Hitonami Tobosen (0)" Private, Tokyo
   "Tokyo Five Art University Union Graduation / Completion Exhibition" The National Art Center, Tokyo, Tokyo
   "2019 Tama Art University Faculty of Fine Arts Graduation / Graduate School Completion Exhibition A"
   Tama Art University, Tokyo
   "Tama Art University Painting Department Print Major 4th Year Volunteer Off-Campus Exhibition Background to Movement"
   Art Lab Hashimoto, Kanagawa
2019 "Art Video Black Market-Winter Market" BUCKLE KÔBÔ, Tokyo
   "Distribution of expression" Tama Art University, Tokyo
   "Summer Open Lab 2019" Art Lab Hashimoto, Kanagawa
   "Spectrum" Kosugi Gallery, Tokyo
   "Print Charity Exhibition" Kosugi Gallery, Tokyo
   "Builder Build up" UPSTAIRS GALLERY, Tokyo
   "Watch" Galleria Grafica bis, Tokyo
2018 "43rd National University Print Exhibition" Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo
   "Intersection of possibilities and limits" Tama Art University, Tokyo
   "North Wing Print Room" Tama Art University, Tokyo
   "End of the end" Tama Art University, Tokyo
   "One more" point and Future Design Laboratory, Tokyo
   "The 86th Print Exhibition of the Japan Print Association" Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo
   "→ ・ → (passing point)" Ansorop Art Gallery, Tokyo
   "Kunimochiyuri Solo Exhibition Running River" CURRY BAR Shubell, Tokyo

2020 Participation in "City and Art Response 2020" (sponsored by Yokohama National University)

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2020 "26th Student CG Contest Art Division" Nomination